Blue Gold Water Amendment


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      Comes in Two Sizes:

      4 Fluid Ounces and 8 Fluid Ounces

      Directions: Place 5ml (ie 1tsp) in one gallon of non chlorinated water and spray plants once or twice a week.
      Water Amendment

      The world tells us of extreme sports, extreme vacations but nowhere does the world tell us of Extreme Agriculture. We are all about Extreme Agriculture, and Blue Gold is our flagship product. It is a revolutionary All Natural Water Amendment Solution which has seen Amazing Results. Blue Gold is a comprehensive natural bio-surfactant technology comprised of Plant and Sea Extracts, Herbs, Minerals and other naturally occurring nutrients such as Amino Acids, Essential Oils, and Plant Based Adjuvants  all balanced in harmony in the Perfect Science of our Synergist Technology.

      Blue Gold is our flagship solution. It is a new super bio-surfactant technology developed as a Water Amendment solution. It is an effective tool for soil and crop managers to treat water related problems! Comprised of Eden Bugs, Eden Extracts, Eden Herbals, and Eden Minerals - Eden Blue Gold is a robust solution perfect for any environmental condition. Our Eden Bugs are created from a custom blend of bat guano and worm castings in a highly oxygenated environment to grow super aerobic bacteria, which are then suspended in our proprietary surfactant ELI, which promotes only aerobic bacteria, and kills anaerobic bacteria (including E. Coli) on contact. Eden Bugs are a natural and safe way to deliver microbials to your soil, and they are a key ingredient in the total Blue Gold solution.

      The solution contains several unique and rare Eden Extracts which have been located and harvested over many years of combined research and development. While some of the extracts can be found in your backyard, others have been mined from 800 year old trees in South America, and some are harvested from deep oceanic plants carrying unprecedented levels of nutrients. Eden Extracts add an impressive array of oils, aminos, general plant extracts to the Blue Gold solution, presenting you a true "bio" surfactant rarely found on any shelf today.

      Eden has researched over 600+ herbs around the world for their abilities and applicable attributes in Agriculture. Of these herbs, Eden has selected 50+ Eden Herbs to mix into the Blue Gold solution. Typically, herbs have been unable to be significantly added to liquid based solutions as most are not soluble, and the current methods commercially offered today to make them soluble would in fact destroy the nutrients they carry. Through our revolutionary Synergist Technology, we have developed a natural way to breakdown these herbs into a soluble form, enabling the Blue Gold surfactant mix to harness the enormous potential of the herbal industry. Now, rather than having to rely on extremely expensive herbal extracts developed through a high temperature manufacturing processes - the Eden Blue Gold surfactant solution is able to use the entire raw herb (oils, fiber, and nutrients) in its complete surfactant mixing process! To say that Blue Gold is a totally unprecedented revolutionary product... Just might be an understatement!

      Eden Solutions has journeyed the globe searching the best of the best minerals to enhance its surfactants. After completing many years of combined research, Eden Solutions utilized significant resources and a large amount of dedication to locate and develop an array of mineral packages absolutely key to the Blue Gold surfactant solution. Through the discovery and use of several rare mines and precious mineral deposits, Eden Solutions has compiled these mineral packages to use them to enhance its surfactant solutions in a unique and modern way. Our Synergist Technology enables us to breakdown and make these minerals bio-available within the surfactant solution! A true "bio" surfactant! Without our Synergist Technology these much needed minerals simply cannot be introduced into the surfactants. While the rest of globe is still using extremely acidic and inorganic chemical based solutions to make minerals even remotely soluble, Eden Solutions is excited to present the Natural Eden Blue Gold surfactant solution with soluble nutrients!

      What can Blue Gold do for you?

      Blue Gold is a Water Amendment solution. What does this mean? Almost all of mankind's intellectual organizations are in agreement, that the most important and least understood element on this earth is Water! No animal, plant, or human can survive very long without this very important thing called Water. Of all things, going without water has shortest window of fatality - for most 3 days is enough to cause death. What does this mean for your plants and soil, and all those micro-organisms which make it all work?

      Blue Gold will make your Water wetter. That's right, wetter. This surfactant solution helps to break the surface tension of water, enabling it to penetrate soil deeper and wider, and to cover a greater portion of the plant's surface rather than simply beading and falling to the ground - evaporating mere moments later. This solution will not only increase the efficiency at which your soil and plant can receive water, but it will also amend your water even further by neutralizing the ionic charges of inorganic elements in your water!

      With Blue Gold you are able to avail yourself of an amazing opportunity to provide your soil and plants an enhanced opportunity to drink of that precious fuel - Water. With an increased ability to absorb much needed water, we have seen increased: Brixx levels, plant rigidity, soil porosity, plant immune systems, microbial activity in the soil, blooms, fruit set... the list goes on!

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