Gold Dust Power Fluid - 8 oz Packets


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      As you can see from photos, Gold Dust is used by Champions across the nation to achieve the extra "pop" in muscle, add freshness on show day and help your show animal reach it's maximum potential.
      Great for use of multiple head at one show or over long term use.
      As a Drench:
      Generally, mix 1 oz. Gold Dust powder with 16 oz. water. Drench 100 lb animals at the rate of 12 oz. of drench 2 times per day for 3-5 days from show. Adjust up or down as needed for weight range and cover needed on your animal.
      Show Day Recommendation: Drench 2-4 oz. every 1-2 hours while considering weather conditions, condition of animal, belly size of animal, handle of animal.
      Objective on Show Day: Keep as full as possible without increasing belly size of animal.
      Mixed drench should be kept refrigerated and on ice (cooler) during show times.
      As a Top Dress:
      Generally, add 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. of dry Gold Dust powder as a top dress over feed. Can be used as far out from show day as needed to attain maximum results. Date you start depends entirely upon cover on animal and desired results. Powder should be kept at room temperature and not left in heat.
      NOTE ABOUT WATER INTAKE: Many customers question when to withdraw water...the answer is NEVER! Muscle is made up of 80% water, when you take away water from a show animal, you are drying out the muscle. This does not mean you should leave free choice water. This means you need to monitor the fluids you are giving your show animal to ensure they are staying fresh all the way to show time. Gold Dust is activated by water.
      Many breeders dry dust Gold Dust to their does and newborn kids.
      Single packs contain 8 oz per pack. 

      Shipping by Priority Mail - $5.95 for first pack, $1 per additional pack
      Priority Mail envelope will hold up to 5 packs.
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